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YOUNG BY DILYS' Modern Amulets for Modern Women.

YOUNG BY DILYS’ is an independent jewelry brand born and bred in Hong Kong with the vision of designing modern amulets for a mindful life. Our amulets work to uplift and recharge, using only natural gemstones with intrinsically good energy. All our pieces are carefully designed and crafted piece-by-piece in-house, which guarantees quality and everyday wearability – whether it’s a work-packed schedule or a quiet retreat day, we got you covered.

Why amulets, you may ask. In Hong Kong and many Asian cultures, amulets worn for protection remain quite common, but most are worn with an air of secrecy for spiritual or talismanic purposes. While it is beautiful to see how the symbolic use of amulets still exists in our modernised city, they are unfortunately not fully appreciated in their traditional form with their lack of wearability. At YOUNG BY DILYS’, we carry forward this age-old concept with a new look and feel and none of the stigma – wearable modern amulets that harness the intrinsic healing powers of gemstones and our minds.

Founded by Ms. Dilys Young and led by a skilled team of like-minded women, it is safe to say that we understand what it takes to design wearable and relevant pieces. As a brand, we do not claim to be perfect, but we are always finding solutions. From perfecting the wearability of our pieces, to leaving a positive impact on our community. At YOUNG BY DILYS’, we believe that a brand’s value lies beyond high quality products – it is in how we’re able to add value to the lives of those we can reach.


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