OM 4-in-1: White Sapphire and Sterling Silver in Gold Vermeil

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YOUNG BY DILYS' 4-in-1 design is the epitome of versatile everyday jewelry.

The 4-in-1 has a unique half-chain and half-beaded design that can be worn as a choker (in 3 different directions), as 2 bracelets or anklets, and with or without the detachable OM pendant.

The OM symbol brings a grounding energy, reminding you to stay and enjoy the present moment. The natural white sapphire beads emanate clarity, kindness and wise judgement.

  • Sterling silver chain in gold vermeil – a thick layer of 18 karat gold coated onto solid 925 sterling silver.
  • 15 carats of natural white sapphire beads.
  • Overall length: 13.5" (7" chain + 6.5" beads)
  • OM symbol: 9 mm (H) x 7 mm (W) x 1 mm (D)

About the Symbol – OM

ॐ ‘OM’ is the basic sound of the universe. When chanted, whether in the sacred Buddhist or Hindu mantras or at the beginning of your yoga practice, it vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz – the same vibrational frequency found all throughout nature. The OM grounds us and reminds of our connection with our world and the Universe.

Want a different symbol or gemstone with this design? Make a custom order.


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